What is RPO?

An RPO provider's main purpose is ensuring businesses get the best permanent hires, even in difficult markets. With an RPO like Crusade Technologies, your energy, time, and expertise in sourcing, screening, and onboarding new permanent staff is saved while you get the best talent effortlessly. Typically, RPO providers have experienced recruiters and effective recruitment technology like Talent Pathway to ease your recruitment process. It serves as an extension to the Human Resources team to find the best talent in the market. Companies use RPO services to meet the rapidly growing business needs, enhance the candidate experience and employer branding and reduce hiring time by assuming responsibility for parts or all facets of talent acquisition for some or all an employer's hiring needs. With an RPO like Crusade Technologies, your energy, time, and expertise in sourcing, screening, and onboarding new permanent staff is saved while you get the best talent effortlessly.

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Why Crusade Technologies RPO Solutions?

In simple words, we deliver the solutions that drive your recruitment forward

Crusade Technologies strives to be the world's best strategic human capital placement partner, delivering diverse, agile, and talented workforce solutions. By focusing on the needs of our esteemed clients, we provide employers with the best-talented employees. Having decades of experience in the booming recruiting and staffing industry, we combine industry expertise, proven execution, and creative thinking to deliver innovative workforce solutions. We aim to provide a qualified, dynamic workforce to suit your unique needs wherever and whenever needed. We are a team of experts in all aspects of talent management. We offer full-service talent acquisition and management solutions. By leveraging our talent acquisition services, companies can maximize their ROI by hiring qualified experts through us.

Our proprietary, cutting-edge technology platform - Talent Pathway, makes it convenient to maintain a vast database of candidates in several domains. Hence, it's easy to source, screen, and hire skilled employees. Our innovative workforce solutions measure candidates' track record of performance metrics along with their commitment and loyalty. We focus on niche markets, and our extensive networks allow us to match client requirements with the best talent. This approach is scalable and can hire people based on the unique skills demanded by the job, reducing recruitment costs, and increasing the effectiveness of the client's workforce.

Know how RPO can help businesses

Multiple Staffing Assignments:

An RPO serves as the HR department's extension and enables the HR's capabilities to help with a particular assignment, function, or project.
It quickly provides a scalable structure and resources needed to deal with the volume without wastage or inefficiency.
The complete recruitment tasks are taken care of by qualified professionals.
Each position/project receives the time and professional attention it deserves.
The volume of staffing assignments does not affect the quality of recruitment for any position.

Understaffed and Inexperienced HR Function:

An RPO option can help put the systems, processes, and resources in place to take the project from inception to execution. The model can work as a Built, Operate and Transfer concept, where the RPO company helps, places the structure, and defines the activities to complete the project while recruiting and training the HR staff for the client company to take over the project in the longer term.

Complex Organizational Structure:

RPO enables complex organizations to enforce uniformity in their recruitment process and maintain homogeneity across their workforce. It maintains compliance standards and benchmarks that produce hiring procedures that foster rational and rigorous selection.

Withdraws Inefficient, Costly Hiring Procedure:

An RPO solution can help remove high costs (while improving the entire recruitment process).
With an RPO in place, the company no longer needs to advertise, subscribe, invest, or overload its HR staff with additional tasks.
RPO replaces specific, costly procedures that economically acquire a pool of qualified talent.